Adam Slatniske Discusses His Top Three Boating Tips for Beginners

Adam Slatniske
2 min readJul 27, 2021


Whether you’re thinking about buying a new boat, tagging along with a friend, or going on vacation, boating is a fantastic activity that is beneficial for both your physical and mental health-not to mention the good old fashioned fun! But like anything else new and exciting, it can come with a little anxiety. That’s why Adam Slatniske has gathered his best boating tips and tricks to help ensure smooth sailing!

Start Small and Work Your Way Up Advises Adam Slatniske

If you’ve never been on a boat before, don’t go on an overnight trip or deep sea fishing adventure right off the bat, advises Adam Slatniske. It’s better to start smaller and build your confidence from there.

As you gradually go on longer and more adventurous trips, you’ll learn what kind of gear and provisions you need to bring with you to be successful. You’ll get practice dealing with different situations like navigating, watching the weather, and how to monitor your fuel use. Better to deal with these problems in small doses and controlled conditions than face them for the first time in the middle of the ocean!

Safety First! No Matter How Old You Are

Life jackets are bulky and can leave weird tan lines-we get it! But, says Adam Slatniske, you’ll never be more grateful that you ‘re wearing one than when the boat tips unexpectedly. Life jackets are designed to help keep you afloat and upright in the water which can be invaluable if you’re knocked unconscious, float too far away from the boat, or get in an accident.

Make sure you pick life jackets that are comfortable and fit well rather than the cheapest option, warns Adam Slatniske. Poorly fitting or badly designed lifejackets make it easier to ignore the benefits of wearing them; and it makes them less effective.

Watch the Wake

When you first start boating, the exhilaration of speeding over the water can get the best of you, especially when it comes to waves. The wake from other passing boats can seem small, but they disrupt the surface of the water. If you fly over them, you skip over the water and then land and rock. Too many jumps in a row and you’re in danger of tipping over, losing control, or damaging your boat, warns Adam Slatniske.

And remember, when you’re the captain, you may feel a little bump-but your passengers feel a big bang that can throw them around! So pull back on the throttle when you notice waves coming in for smooth sailing.

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