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Adam Slatniske
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Inspiring The Way co-founder Adam Slatniske welcomes those interested in helping to support the nonprofit and its mission.

NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 / — Inspiring The Way co-founder Adam Slatniske welcomes those interested in helping to support the nonprofit and its mission.

Headquartered in Carroll County, Maryland, Inspiring The Way is a nonprofit organization focused on invigorating local communities and supporting nearby charities. The initiative is the work and dream of New Windsor-based philanthropist Adam Slatniske.

Maryland native Slatniske established the organization earlier this year with his partner. Alongside other Inspiring The Way team members and supporters, the pair plan to help build robust foundations that back local good causes and families with financial assistance for medical needs, housing, and more.

“Our volunteer team is growing with each passing day, and we’d love for you to join us, too,” reveals Adam Slatniske, speaking from his home in New Windsor. The Inspiring, The Way co-founder, says he’s committed to continuing to search for volunteers locally and further afield.

“This search is taking place right now both in New Windsor and wider Carroll County, as well as across much of the rest of Maryland,” Slatniske explains. With that, he would love, he says, to invite all aspiring volunteers to connect with Inspiring The Way.

Volunteers have already joined Inspiring The Way from across Carroll County, plus the neighboring counties of Baltimore, Frederick, Howard, and Montgomery.

Interested parties are especially welcome to become a part of our organization’s social events, suggests Inspiring The Way co-founder Adam Slatniske, focused on raising much-needed funds for charities across the state of Maryland.

First Inspiring The Way events now planned, says Adam Slatniske

“We’ve recently only shared news of our first round of events at Inspiring The Way via our monthly newsletter,” reveals Slatniske. He reports that events planned thus far include several crab feasts, bull, and the organization’s professional photography sessions. According to the organization’s co-founder, willing.

Adam Slatniske will lead these and other upcoming activities, Inspiring The Way’s team and a growing group of volunteers who love to serve their communities. Willing volunteers are proud to show their support by lending their time to such fundraising initiatives.

With dates yet to be officially announced, Slatniske is still looking for passionate and motivated individuals willing to help out alongside the organization and its mission.

Philanthropist Adam Slatniske is well known for his charitable nature. The nonprofit founder has previously helped run blood drives, supported senior living facilities, and participated in domestic violence awareness activities. Elsewhere, he has worked with a nonprofit transportation program providing crucial travel to seniors headed to everything from faith activities to medical appointments.

Now he is keen, he says, to inspire others to do much the same. “At Inspiring The Way, we look forward to hearing from anyone interested in finding out more about our work,” he notes. “At the same time, we also can’t wait to be inspired by your ideas, as well as your passion and strength, add the Maryland native in closing.”

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