Adam Slatniske Reflects on Time as a Neighbor Ride Program Volunteer

Adam Slatniske
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Volunteer Adam Slatniske Looks Back on His Support for Neighbor Ride and Other Charitable Initiatives

New Windsor, MD — — December 4, 2020 — A nonprofit organization based in Columbia, Maryland, Neighbor Ride’s trusted transportation program connects Howard County seniors to the people and things that matter the most. A former volunteer driver for the service, Adam Slatniske provides a closer look at Neighbor Ride and a number of other charitable initiatives and good causes which he’s supported in recent years.

“Neighbor Ride provides Howard County seniors with transport to medical appointments, faith activities, social outings, and more,” explains former volunteer Adam Slatniske, speaking from his home in Carroll County, Maryland.

Neighbor Ride assists passengers with trips to and from their doctor, physical therapy, dentist or dialysis appointments, and for weekly grocery shopping or picking up prescriptions. The program also helps with taking passengers to faith organization services or activities and social outings alike, Adam Slatniske reports.

Adam Slatniske was born and raised in Carroll County, Maryland, and attended South Carroll High School, where he was an honor student and the captain of his football and lacrosse teams. Even as a young man, Adam was, he says, dedicated to community service.

Adam Slatniske would later head to Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. “It was in college that I first participated in the Neighbor Ride program,” Slatniske reveals, “where I drove elderly local people who could no longer drive themselves to their appointments and helped them to run errands.”

It was around this time that Adam Slatniske also volunteered at Copper Ridge retirement community and senior living facility in the nearby Carroll County town of Sykesville. “Copper Ridge specializes in care for dementia patients,” explains Adam Slatniske, “with a focus on activities appropriate for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease that help to keep them active and engaged.”

Looking back, and, again, during his time at Chestertown’s Washington College, Adam Slatniske further fondly recalls shoveling snow at the Kent County town’s University of Maryland Shore Medical Center during bad weather. “Myself and fellow volunteers did so,” says Adam, “to ensure that the hospital’s crucial emergency medical services could operate as safely and effectively as possible.”

Following college, Adam Slatniske headed to Nova Southeastern Dental School in South Florida, where, once more, even during his intensive studies, he continued his dedication to community service. Here, Slatniske helped to run blood drives, gave blood and platelets as frequently as he was allowed, and even joined the bone marrow donor list for people suffering from blood diseases and leukemia.

Adam Slatniske has subsequently gone on to use his qualifications within dentistry to place a focus on providing treatment to the mentally and physically disabled, and to offer pro bono dental work to the HIV/AIDS and low-income communities.

A passionate and dedicated public servant and dentist, Adam Slatniske currently resides in New Windsor, Maryland. Outside of his professional and charitable endeavors, Adam Slatniske enjoys spending time with his close friends and family, fishing, hiking, boating, and woodworking.

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Adam Slatniske

Adam Slatniske went to Nova Southeastern Dental School in South Florida. As a dentist, and in his practice, Adam was one of the only dentists in the Maryland.