May 12, 2021

3 min read

Adam V. Slatniske Discusses His Top Three Tips to Become a Better Fisherman — iCrowdMarketing

Don’t Reel Your Fish In Too Quickly

It’s tempting to reel that long-awaited fish in the second it bites. But that would be a mistake, warns Adam V. Slatniske. If you fight a fish too violently by dragging it in, you risk breaking the line and losing it all — hook, line, and sinker.

Have Fun

It can be easy to get wrapped up in keeping score — how many bites you got and how many fish you caught — but try to remember that you’re supposed to be having fun! Fishing is a sport for a lot of people, says Adam V. Slatniske, but you have to remember that the only one you’re competing against is yourself. If you’re not having fun and enjoying nature while you try to improve your skills, you’re missing the whole point.

Adam Slatniske went to Nova Southeastern Dental School in South Florida. As a dentist, and in his practice, Adam was one of the only dentists in the Maryland.

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