Dentist Adam Slatniske Highlights Crucial Role of Give Kids a Smile Volunteers

Adam Slatniske
3 min readOct 23, 2021


Carroll County-based dentist Adam Slatniske shares an expert look at the work of Give Kids a Smile and its crucial volunteers.

NEW WINDSOR, MD, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2021 / — Give Kids a Smile provides full-service dentistry free of charge to children up to 8th grade age. Supported by a small army of volunteers, Adam Slatniske, a popular dentist from Carroll County, Maryland, highlights just some of the crucial work undertaken by these selfless individuals alongside the rest of the Give Kids a Smile team.

“Give Kids a Smile provides the highest quality of dental care to children with inadequate access to such assistance,” explains Adam Slatniske, speaking from his office in New Windsor, Maryland, “whether as a result of a lack of insurance or following a period of financial hardship at home.”

Full-service dentistry, free of charge, is afforded to children up to 8th grade age, Adam Slatniske goes on to report. The organization is backed by a number of generous donors, but its core work, Slatniske says, is made possible only with the help of Give Kids a Smile’s vital volunteers. “A small army of selfless volunteers makes Give Kids a Smile and its work possible,” reveals Adam, who himself has proudly volunteered with the initiative, headquartered in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

You don’t, however, have to be a dentist — or even familiar with a dental clinic — to volunteer for Give Kids a Smile, according to the organization. “We need your help no matter what your background or experience,” reads the Give Kids a Smile website. For each child seen at a Give Kids a Smile clinic, it takes a reported three hours or more of non-clinical and non-dental work behind the scenes to make their visit possible.

“There are hundreds of jobs available, and one may be just right for you,” adds Carroll County-based dentist Adam Slatniske, “from helping with mailings to making phone calls to confirm appointments.”

Programs led by Give Kids a Smile with the help of volunteers such as Adam Slatniske include Tiny Smiles for children aged between 12 months and five years, the Smile Factory, and hands-on dental education at community fairs and events.

“Give Kids a Smile brings together caring dental professionals and volunteers for the purpose of delivering free, quality dental care and vital oral health education to children in the community,” adds Adam Slatniske, “committed throughout to the underserved, and with the ultimate goal of helping to improve kids’ smiles.”

Dentist Adam Slatniske also provides independent pro bono dental care to medically underserved adults in the community and has volunteered with local blood drives, supported nearby senior living facilities, and participated in activities for domestic violence awareness. During his time as a student, meanwhile, Slatniske also worked with a celebrated nonprofit transportation program providing travel for the elderly to medical appointments, faith activities, social outings, and more.

Give Kids a Smile is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization working to eliminate poor dental health for medically underserved children. For more information about how you could help with Give Kids a Smile alongside Adam Slatniske and others, head to the Give Kids a Smile website.

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Adam Slatniske

Adam Slatniske went to Nova Southeastern Dental School in South Florida. As a dentist, and in his practice, Adam was one of the only dentists in the Maryland.