Nonprofit founder Adam Slatniske invites new sign-ups to Inspiring The Way’s monthly email newsletter

Adam Slatniske
3 min readOct 19, 2021


Maryland-based nonprofit focused on invigorating local communities and supporting crucial charities in their areas.

NEW WINDSOR, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — Founded earlier this year by Adam Slatniske and his partner, Inspiring The Way is a Maryland-based nonprofit focused on invigorating local communities and supporting crucial charities in their areas. The organization recently shared news of its first lot of events with subscribers to its email newsletter.

With that, Adam Slatniske is keen to invite others to join them. “If you’re interested in serving your community and showing your support by partaking in various fundraising initiatives, we’d love for you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter,” says Slatniske, speaking from his home in New Windsor, Maryland.

According to the organization’s co-founder, the same applies to anyone simply interested in supporting or finding out more about Inspiring The Way. A great case in point, he suggests, is the aforementioned recent newsletter sharing details of the nonprofit organization’s first batch of planned events, at which everyone will be welcome.

These events, the message revealed, will include a mix of bull and oyster roasts, crab feasts, professional photography sessions, and more. “Dates are yet to be finalized,” Inspiring The Way co-founder Slatniske notes. “However, as soon as we have a time and a place for each event, we’ll further share these with our subscribers,” he adds.

Led by Adam Slatniske, his partner, their team, and a growing army of volunteers, Inspiring The Way plans to help build robust foundations that back worthy local causes. It will also serve families and others needing financial support for medical needs, housing, and other essentials.

Headquartered in Slatniske’s hometown of New Windsor, the organization is set to operate throughout Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Howard County, and Montgomery County. He and his partner and co-founder then hope to extend Inspiring The Way’s reach to those living across more expansive Maryland.

Anyone interested in learning more about Inspiring The Way or wishing to join the organization’s email list can do so via the nonprofit’s official website.

Adam Slatniske was inspired to give back by God’s strength.

Adam Slatniske says he and his partner were prompted and inspired to establish their community-focused nonprofit by their shared faith. “We’re a Christian team who have been extremely blessed by God’s strength to guide us through our trials and tribulations,” he explains, “coming out stronger and determined to give back to the community as a result.”

Slatniske is well known in New Windsor and elsewhere across Carroll County for his philanthropic nature. “I’m passionate about philanthropy and have a lifelong love of helping others,” he reveals, “with a particular focus on community.”

New Windsor-based Adam Slatniske is a Maryland native growing up in nearby Sykesville. A South Carroll High School graduate also held a bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington College. Outside of his professional and charitable endeavors, the nonprofit founder is closely involved with his local church and enjoys hiking, sailing, and fishing in his free time.

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Adam Slatniske

Adam Slatniske went to Nova Southeastern Dental School in South Florida. As a dentist, and in his practice, Adam was one of the only dentists in the Maryland.